We labored

On Labor Day weekend, Greg and I decided it was time to make a change. We moved into our house about a year and a half ago, which means that we have been living in a toasted almond world. Every room of our house (save the blue kitchen and the peachy bathroom) was painted the same beige-ish shade. It looked very nice. And very impersonal, which I suppose is what you want when you’re trying to sell a house. We painted the nursery yellow before the kiddo was born, and we decided that the time had come to make our house even more homey.

So we painted some swaths of color on the dining room wall and decided to go bold. Really bold. [I generally shy away from intense color. I really dig earth tones, but for some reason I’ve always thought “earthy” meant subdued.] We ended up choosing American brick by Valspar, which is about as far from toasted almond as we could go.

It took an entire day of painting, but I’m quite happy with the end result. Completing the process of making the room “ours,” we also moved the chandelier out of the den and into the dining room. We removed the plantation shutters and replaced them with cordless plantation blinds. We also replaced the switch covers. It’s a big, bold change, and I love it.





I generally find it difficult to be grateful when I’m sick. This past week I’ve had a cold that metastasized into an inner ear infection. I (finally) listened to my sensible half (Greg) and went to the doctor. There’s few experiences quite like taking an eighth month old to a doctors’ office in the middle of what is supposed to be his nap time. But I got medicine, so it was worth it. 

I have all of these things that I want to get done. I want to fix the bushes in front of my house. I want to replant my raised bed for fall. I want to decimate the thorny vine that is colonizing my azaleas. I want to bake and cook something elaborate. I want to play on the grass with my kid. I want to write about repainting our dining room. 

What I am doing instead is taking it slow. Or as slow as I can. I keep thinking that I’m better, and then my ear closes up again or I get dizzy and I am reminded that it is stupid to not let myself heal. So I try to be still. Or as still as I can be.

But right now, I am enjoying my backyard after (sitting still) and grading my online class, and I feel grateful. That I have a husband who is wrangling the baby. That I have wifi and can work outside. That I’m currently employed in a way that lets me work outside. That the weather is nice. That I can start a Sunday crossword puzzle and eat my lunch. 

Extra! Shooting in Congress!

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The Pink Palace Family of Museums

In the 1920s, Clifford Davis was a Memphis lawyer who wanted to enter politics. He ran for a judgeship and won with the support of the Memphis Klavern of the Ku Klux Klan. In 1940, political boss Edward Hull Crump chose Davis to fill a vacant seat in the United States House of Representatives. The availability occurred after the city council appointed Representative Walter Chandler as mayor of Memphis. Davis served as a member of the Post Office and Civil Service Committees as well as the chairman of the Committee on Flood Control. During World War II, he was on the Military Affairs Committee and used his position to get military installations for Memphis.

On March 1, 1954, Davis was in the Capitol for a vote. The House of Representatives convened at noon to consider House Resolution 450. This resolution would re-authorize a program to allow migrant Mexican farmhands to…

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