Today our nanny was “late.” She was at our house¬†about ten minutes later than normal, which still left me with plenty of time to get to work. You know what I did in those extra minutes? I held my daughter and read my son a book. Then my son read the book to me. It was simple. It was extraordinary.

Sometimes being a few minutes behind your self-imposed schedule can be the best part of your day. My kids are teaching me that.


I realized it’s been a month since I wrote down any thoughts. So much has changed. Louise smiles all the time, especially when you play with her legs and sing her song. (“Hello Louise” to the tune of “Come On Eileen.” If you were wondering.) Noah has suddenly acquired a firmer grasp of the English language and spoke a full sentence with a clause and subject verb agreement this morning. (“When momma gets home, I’ll take off her helmet.” In case you were curious.) I went back to work and found out that my amazing coworkers had moved me into an office with a window. I get to use my adult brain and do research and finish up the work on a grant and have odd conversations. Then I get to be home by 3:30 and play trains and feed Louise and make dinner. I’m tired, but happy. It’s a good life.

I also made a pumping sign for my office door that I’m inordinately proud of. If you happen to like it and be in need of one, feel free to use it.

Pumping Sign

Here is is as a PDF: pumping sign