Not a contest

I’m a competitive person. With myself. With others. When other people know there’s a competition. When they don’t.

This personality trait makes it difficult to remember that not everything needs to be contested.

So here is my daily reminder to myself that we can both be tired. There is no “more actually tired,” no “more deserving of being tired.” There is only tired. And the hope that there is a light at the end. And the thankfulness that we can be tired together.

Memphis’ Most Versatile Art Collector

I finally wrote something new for the museum’s blog.

The Pink Palace Family of Museums

Louis Phillip Wulff has the honor of being the Memphis Museum’s (Pink Palace’s) most frequent donor. Wulff was a professional interior designer and a world traveler. He was also a painter who served on the museum’s Advisory Board from 1934-5 and 1950-6. His broad interests led him to collect documents, fighting equipment, stamps and natural history specimen. Additionally, Wulff was an amateur archaeologist who collected hundreds of Native American artifacts from the Mid-South.

Wulff was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and moved to a farm in Nebraska when he was 6. According to a newspaper biography, he went to sea as a cabin boy when he was 12 and returned home two years later. He was known for taking off on trains or horseback to go on collecting expeditions. His collecting habit got substantially broader when he received an inheritance from his mother. At 22, he took his new bride on…

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Toddler Walk

This evening I took a toddler walk. The pace was slow, and the company was perfection. We picked clovers and hit orange signs. We talked about the lack of water truck and the presence of a crane. There were flowers to color code and cracks to jump over. We touched every brick wall and discussed being two and a half. The space between trash cans were tunnels and light poles were for playing peekaboo.

For twenty minutes I saw the world through my son’s eyes. It looked like an adventure.