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Noah showed me a picture of us at the beach. He said, “This is my flamly. I love my flamly. This is daddy, mommy, me and Louise. My flamly.”

Louise learned that you can splash in the bathtub. This is hysterical. Her laughter is infectious.

Noah goes down the slide on his belly. Six months ago he was afraid to go down it any way.

Louise likes to play “ghost” with Noah. It’s like peekaboo, but Noah is a ghost. There might be more to it, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Noah is so happy that we have been going on family walks again.

Louise discovered that the outside swing is fun to be in.

Noah does yoga with us. Correction–Noah does five minutes of yoga and then climbs on us the rest of the time. There is a lot of laughing.

Louise sits and reaches for toys. If she would stay on her belly for any length of time, I think she’d be scooting.

Search Our Collection!

New post for the museum. Seriously, try searching for birds.

The Pink Palace Family of Museums


The Memphis Pink Palace Museum has roughly 84,000 objects in our collection, of which 10-15% are on display. That means that there are tens of thousands of objects that regular visitors could not access. Tammy Braithwaite, our collections registrar, is in charge of keeping track of all of these artifacts. Over the past year, she has worked to get our collections database available online so that all our visitors can view the objects that we preserve. You can visit our website to look through our collection. New items are frequently being added as we continue photographing the collection. If you click on a specific record, you will be able to see other pictures of many of the objects.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

In the cultural history collection, try searching for sports, World War II, Cotton Carnival or silk.

For the natural history collection, look for birds.


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A look at my recent conversations:
Put your toys in the box please.


Because I keep tripping on them. 


Because I can’t see them when I’m holding Louise. 


Because I said so. 

We always say hi to our neighbors. 


Because it lets them know that we care 


Because those are the rules of human social interaction. 


Because I said so. 

Don’t step on your sister.