Current of distractions

I come across these days from time to time. Days when I cannot sit still or see one more niggling task to its end. I find them suddenly, often on cloudless days when the trees are leafing, and find that all I can do is enjoy the moments when I can lose my focus. When I can let incessant driving towards a goal cease. When I can watch leaves and birds and clear skies and mercifully accept that what needs to get done will. And that which does not will pass away. When I come across these days, I also come across perspective. Rather than trying to fight through, knuckle under, brace against the distractions, I let them wash over me and pull me along their current. Towards a place I did not realize I needed to go.


Three-year-olds are awesome and terrible. Mine seems to live in a constant state of contradiction. He loves/hates Catty, mommy, outside, daddy, glass straws, peanuts, our dog. The quickness of emotional turmoil in my house is astounding. He makes me want to lock him in his bedroom by yelling that he “wants daddy not you” on repeat and then follows it up by wanting “to be hold” by me and giving my knee kisses and telling me he loves his mommy an eye blink later. I love having a three-year-old; I dislike three-year-old tendencies. Apparently, the contradictions are contagious.