My last semester of college I started making it a point to eat intimidating vegetables. I started with artichokes because at the time nothing seemed weirder than that spiked veggie. Over the next few years, Greg and I worked our way through the foods neither one of us had ever cooked. We mastered the winter squashes, radishes (delicious roasted), odd field peas, beets, turnips and others. One of my friends from work knew about my obsession with trying new produce and gave me a cookbook about how to cook just about every vegetable out there for a wedding present.

All of this preamble is to say, I’ve tried a lot of stuff the past four years. By far the oddest of those is kohlrabi. It is an odd mix of cabbage, turnip and radish flavors. I saw it at the farmers’ market on the tail end of my intimidating food adventure. I immediately asked the farmer how to cook it, took it home and excitedly proclaimed that I had found a new weird one to try.

I found kohlrabi seeds this year and impulsively bought them. Because my garden motto is: why not?